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Interview: Chef Junishi Ikematsu from Montreal’s Jun-i Restaurant

It is unsurprising that Chef Junishi Ikematsu, Head Chef and Co-owner of Jun-i Restaurant in Montreal, would cite teamwork as one of the key ingredients to his restaurant’s success. The interplay between ingredients is the core makeup of excellent, fresh food just as the chemistry between kitchen staff influences the product. Chef Ikematsu has been cooking since he was a teenager. “I liked to … Read More Interview: Chef Junishi Ikematsu from Montreal’s Jun-i Restaurant

The Thing About Miss Thing’s – Chef Jasper Wu and Head Barman Robin Wynne

FOMO is a real thing. Especially when you’re waiting at the bus stop in -6 degrees, pulling your tuque lower over your forehead to brace yourself against the next gust of wind. Or retrieving lunch in the PATH to avoid bundling up in 10 layers to hit the street. Thankfully, Miss Thing’s is the perfect antidote to the mid-February Canadian winter blues. Head Barman, Robin … Read More The Thing About Miss Thing’s – Chef Jasper Wu and Head Barman Robin Wynne


Lavelle’s Chef Romain Avril: The Modern Chef

The hottest new addition to Toronto’s dining and nightlife scenes is Lavelle, a sky-high rooftop restaurant with superb views, excellent food and epic people watching. Brought to you by Trademark Hospitality Inc., Lavelle has been open since July. Trademark’s Executive Chef, Romain Avril, calls the dining experience “exquisite, breathtaking and fun.”


Richard Irving, Executive Chef of The Ivy Restaurants in L.A.

Chef Richard Irving has impacted the L.A. culinary scene with enduring dining staples The Ivy and The Ivy by the Shore.


Chef Alois Vanlangenaeker of Positano’s Hotel Il San Pietro

Along the Amalfi Coast, tucked into the rocky cliffside, rests this prominent, luxury hotel and its two restaurants, one of which, Zass, boasts a Michelin star. Chef Alois Vanlangenaeker has been the Executive Chef of Il San Pietro for 11 years.


Chef Molloy of Nikki Beach Worldwide

To be a chef is to be a world traveler, a connoisseur of food trends the world over and an appreciator of fine things. Such is Chef Brian Molloy, Nikki Beach Worldwide’s Corporate Executive Chef.


Chef João Dias of Montreal’s Ferreira Café

I never asked Chef João Dias of Montreal’s well-loved Ferreira Café what his middle name is, but it seems likely that it is “Passion,” or perhaps the Portuguese translation. Dias has loved to cook since he was “very young” and began by contributing to his mother’s culinary endeavors back in Portugal, especially during holidays.


Chef Rene Rodriguez of Ottawa’s Navarra

Ottawa restaurant Navarra has gone on the map as one of the country’s best eateries. Chef Rene Rodriguez, Navarra’s owner and culinary brain, was recently acclaimed as Canada’s Top Chef.


Chef Tal Ronnen of Crossroads in LA

Ronnen describes the Crossroads modus operandi as “small plate Mediterranean cuisine that just happens to be plant-based.”


Chef Martin Oswald of Aspen’s Pyramid Bistro

Chef Oswald knows all about what’s good for you – it’s “nutrient dense foods” and, if you eat at Pyramid Bistro, you’ll find that eating this way is not only healthy but also delicious.


The Brothers Fraser: A Fairytale for Culinary Ottawa

Ross explains that the restaurant orders custom homegrown vegetables from Mariposa Farm; unusual ingredients like sugar snap peas and Japanese turnips are on the growing menu. Simon adds that he loves that they make their own bacon from scratch – it doesn’t get more local than that.


Chef Greg Mosko, Pastry Chef of Chicago’s North Pond

Pastry Chef Greg Mosko’s desserts are one of the best things about Chicago’s rave-reviewed, Michelin-starred North Pond restaurant.