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Interview: Chef Junishi Ikematsu from Montreal’s Jun-i Restaurant

It is unsurprising that Chef Junishi Ikematsu, Head Chef and Co-owner of Jun-i Restaurant in Montreal, would cite teamwork as one of the key ingredients to his restaurant’s success. The interplay between ingredients is the core makeup of excellent, fresh food just as the chemistry between kitchen staff influences the product. Chef Ikematsu has been cooking since he was a teenager. “I liked to … Read More Interview: Chef Junishi Ikematsu from Montreal’s Jun-i Restaurant


Chef Tal Ronnen of Crossroads in LA

Ronnen describes the Crossroads modus operandi as “small plate Mediterranean cuisine that just happens to be plant-based.”


Chef Martin Oswald of Aspen’s Pyramid Bistro

Chef Oswald knows all about what’s good for you – it’s “nutrient dense foods” and, if you eat at Pyramid Bistro, you’ll find that eating this way is not only healthy but also delicious.


Chef Miles Angelo of Aspen’s The Caribou Club

“Frank Sinatra said, ‘well, you redeemed yourself with that risotto’ and he handed me a $100 bill and I said ‘I can’t take this from you…I’m gonna have to break this into $20 bills and hand each of the remaining guys on the line one because that’s the way it’s done. The only way I could put this in my pocket and feel good about it is if you autographed it to me. So I have a hundred-dollar bill autographed by Frank Sinatra.”