To be a chef is to be a world traveler, a connoisseur of food trends the world over and an appreciator of fine things. Such is Chef Brian Molloy, Nikki Beach Worldwide’s Corporate Executive Chef. Nikki Beach is a fine dining brand with clout on the international dining scene. Known for its good times and its impeccable star-studded locations situated in the world’s most beautiful destinations, Nikki Beach is a tastemaker’s favorite. Under the Nikki Beach umbrella, Molloy has cooked for Prince Albert of Monaco, various sheikhs and a plethora of A-listers, including Robert de Niro and Al Pacino.

Like Nikki Beach, Chef Molloy is very international. Hailing from Dublin, he has lived and worked all over – Australia, Germany and the 10 plus locations of Nikki Beach – including Cabo San Lucas, Miami, St. Tropez, Ibiza, Koh Samui, St. Barths and Phuket. Chef Molloy tells me that Nikki Beach has “certain signature dishes… on all of its menus throughout the world” and “creations of the region” at each location. His personal favorite menu item is the rotisserie format introduced to Nikki Beach in 2012 at the St. Tropez location.“Rotisserie is very provence, very light… the flavor is unbelievable,” explains the chef who is a firm proponent of “simplicity” in cooking, “because you want to be tasting the flavors of the products you have on the plates.”

Chef Molloy first got into cooking in his native Ireland when he left school and went to work in the kitchen of a top restaurant at the tender age of 14. When he was young, he “enjoyed home economics, which not many boys at that age do.” Now, he reigns over Nikki Beach’s culinary empire. He cites Australia as the country that has most influenced his palate and the way he cooks. There, Chef Molloy worked as the private chef for the country’s wealthiest resident at the time, the late Kerry Packer. When he was later introduced to Jack Penrod, owner of Nikki Beach, Molloy was induced to get onboard. That was 15 years ago, when Nikki Beach only had one location in Miami, and he has been with the company since. He credits his culinary excellence to his “great imagination” and the fact that he loves “tasting food” and trying different things. Every chef is different in the way he uses a different ingredient, says Molloy, “it can be very adventurous or I can keep it very simple. Both ways win.”

He enjoys the culturally different backdrops of the Nikki Beach locations and explains that they inform each location’s menu. Customers “want the experience, the culture of the place they travel to with the flair of the Nikki Beach concept,” he tells me. Molloy has trouble deciding on a favorite location, but ultimately lands on Mallorca for its fascinating and international “culinary scene.” Having said that, it’s easy to understand Molloy’s reluctance to select just one perfect Nikki Beach location.

Originally published on Photos Retrieved from Nikki Beach Worldwide.

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